Friday, October 24, 2014

Farm Friday

Our radishes are amazing this year!
We've had lots of visitors to the farm lately so haven't had as much time to add posts, especially "Farm Friday." Last week Bill's old college roommate, who lives in Spain, visited with his parents and one of his brothers. We hadn't seen him since we visited him and his wife in Spain 11 years ago. We also had friends from Florida - whom we met at Wild Goose in Hot Springs, NC a couple of years ago - visit with their son and his girlfriend. 

Tomorrow is the last day for the market and we spent a good part of today getting things ready. Bill spent most of the day harvesting and washing. I ran our usual errands this morning and spent this afternoon packing the produce, making granola, and picking/packaging herbs. We won't be going back to the market until May 2015; however, we'll continue deliveries until the gardens quit for the winter. The greens are really starting to come in good and right now we have some of the most beautiful herbs we've ever grown. As long as real harsh weather stays away, the greens and other fall plantings will continue to produce.

With two craft shows approaching, I've been busy sewing aprons. I finished 7 this week but still have a lot to go. I also have some other craft items that I need to finish. One good thing about crafts is that they don't go bad; whatever I don't sell this season will be available to sell at a spring show or at the market when it reopens. 

Have a great week!

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