Friday, October 10, 2014

Farm Friday

This week we had company at the farm - one of Bill's old college friends stopped by on the way to meet up with some friends going on a motorcycle ride and a group from the urban ministry we are associated with stayed at the farmhouse for a retreat.

We didn't go to the farmers' market and we're not going tomorrow but we did resume regular deliveries. Today I spent the day delivering produce and eggs and then running errands in town and in Greensboro. I stocked up on lots of bulk foods - olive oil, bread flour, brown rice, etc. - that I can't get here.

This week I reached the end of my book journal that I started in September 1995! Can't believe I've been logging my reading into the same book for 20 years! Here's a photo to say goodbye to the old (left) and hello to the new (right):

Tomorrow I plan to do a lot of catch up work - weed the flower beds at the farmhouse and plant some tulips for the spring; make some aprons for the two craft shows I'm working; and take care of other odds and ends around the house.

Have a great week!

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