Friday, April 25, 2014

Farm Friday

I can't resist Madonna's sweet babies!
These past few weeks I've been a bit negligent about putting up Farm Friday posts.  I plan to get better.  The following list of activities from the last couple of weeks might explain a little bit why I haven't been good about posting:

I represented our farm at a local autism expo.  Hopefully, we can connect with families who need healthy food for their children.

I'm still working on 90 Things in 90 Days.  Although I haven't been keeping count, I know I've already gotten rid of more than one item a day.  

We've been having repairs done to the farm house and our own house.  Sadly, he hall flooring in the farm house had to be replaced due to old termite damage that had turned many of the boards into sawdust.  The back deck on our house also had some rotting boards so those were replaced and, after some pressure washing, the deck looks brand new.

We went to see Charles Eisenstein speak at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.  That's our idea of a date.

I was out of town for almost a week for a long-overdue visit to see some of my family in Arkansas.  My sister, her husband, and their youngest child were able to drive up from Dallas, as well.

As a result of sitting next to a woman on a flight who said she was suffering from "just allergies," I have spent the last week surviving a very bad cold.  It hit me three days after talking to said seat mate and the worst of it began on my return flights.  I recommend avoiding flying when you have sinus congestion if at all possible.  (***A revision:  I don't mean to sound too critical of the woman; I'm sure she thought it was allergies.  And I'm guilty as well for flying while sick and I apologize to my seat mates on my return flights.)

Tomorrow we're having our annual open house on the farm so, in addition to having a bad cold, I've been getting ready for our visitors.  I'll try to take more photos this year.

Have a good weekend!

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Oh, Cherie, that is the sweetest picture ... :))