Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Happy Belated Birthday, Ms. Steinem

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Today's post is somewhat related to health so I won't be doing a Wellness Wednesday this week.  Instead, I want to wish Gloria Steinem a Happy 80th Birthday (yesterday was her birthday)!

Thanks to Ms. Steinem and other women and men of the second wave women's movement of the 1960s and 70s, women today have freedoms that allow them to live safer and healthier lives.  Since that movement, women have gained the right to charge intimate partners with rape and other physical abuse, to have access to reproductive options regardless of their marital status, and to have general control over their health and welfare.

In addition to "gaining" ownership of our bodies, women now have access to so many things that were prohibited prior to Ms. Steinem's activities.  It's hard to believe today, but at one point a woman couldn't:   have a credit card in her name, be employed in a position that was considered "male" (classified ads were even segregated into "male" and "female"), wear pants in public, be visibly pregnant on the job or retain a job after childbirth, be admitted to many public colleges and universities, obtain a "no-fault divorce," report a spouse for domestic violence.  Being a woman prior to the women's movement included numerous other barriers to being treated as first class citizens.
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Well done, Ms. Steinem!

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EcoGrrl said...

Hooray for sure! Amazing how many disregard her in the younger generation today. Being GenX and having my feet on both sides of the fence, I feel fortunate to have family old enough to remember and also watch the younger women (and men) stirring the pot today. Not Sheryl Sandberg and her faux feminism, but rather the ones who are designing their own lives and still pointing out and battling the injustices that are occurring. Like the civil rights movement, it's not over and I still wonder why the ERA has not been ratified by so many states when the CRA went through so much quicker...