Friday, March 21, 2014

Farm Friday

Johnny, our buck and the father of most of our goats.
Despite his fierce looks, he's a very gentle guy.

A quick update on this past week's happenings:

*Our bottle-fed baby Squeaky continues to thrive.
*Fancy, one of our goats, kidded with triplets.  Unfortunately, none survived
*Madonna, another of our goats, is due any day now so we check on her regularly.
*Our onion transplants arrived and they're in the ground.
* Blueberry plants arrived and should go in the ground this weekend.
*Lettuce has been planted.
*The overwintered kale and spinach is coming in strong.
*I've been prepping for a craft show next month.  I'll be selling my aprons, hot/cold therapy pillows, totes, and a few other items.
*I successfully finished my "buy nothing new" challenge.  Challenges are a great way to establish good habits and highly recommend them.  I'll be announcing a new challenge soon.
*More snow is predicted next week.  How is that possible?

Have a great weekend!

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