Saturday, January 18, 2014


I continue to be negligent with my blog.  I had every intention of posting yesterday but I had errands to run, a meeting to go to, and then learned I could pick up our granddaughter so she could spend a long weekend with us.  By the time I got back home and threw together a quick pizza, I was ready to wrap up for the night.

Here are a few highlights from the week:

I'm slowly introducing Mr. Fabulous to the out-of-doors.  Since we're getting yet another arctic blast next week, I'll be keeping him inside more than I had planned.

Our gardens are completely dead thanks to the first arctic blast so we won't be doing any more deliveries until our spring gardens come in.

We've decided to not have a CSA this year and instead focus on preorders/deliveries and the farmers' market.  We're going to a bigger market this year (one I sold at in the past) and think we can increase our sales.

My women's interfaith group took a field trip to Charlotte's Discovery Place to see an IMAX film on Jerusalem and then see a photo exhibit entitled Families of Abraham.  Since we're reading a book about Abraham and the three faiths that claim him as the founder, it was perfect for the group.  We had a great time and then got back together yesterday to discuss the experience.  A quick discussion and lunch turned into four hours!  We got off topic many times but it was a great learning and bonding experience.

And last, but not least, I had to retire the gardening clogs that I've been wearing for years. When water started coming in the sides when I stepped into puddles, I knew it was time for them to go as keeping my feet dry is the whole point.  Goodbye faithful companions:

Have a great weekend!

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