Friday, January 31, 2014

Farm Friday

Once again, I was unable to post Farm Friday last week.  I had every intention of doing so, after my usual Friday errands, but I got a call from our son telling me that our granddaughter had a 4-day weekend and, if we wanted, she could come stay with us.  Of course, we did so I drove to their house, stopped at the grocery store on the way home, and, as anyone who has spent time with an 8-year-old, the weekend was spoken for.  Below some highlights from the last two weeks:

We had our fourth meeting of Piedmont Sustainable Living Group.  We had a new family attend and hope they will return.  They brought three children with them and our granddaughter had a great time playing with them.

We had our first real snow of the season (and got our second snow yesterday):

Of course, as a result of this snow and the two arctic blasts (with temperatures sometimes hovering around 0), Mr. Fabulous still hasn't made it outside full time. 

We also had a power outage that lasted from early afternoon into the evening on Wednesday.  Over 4,000 homes were affected.  We have a generator to power some things so we didn't suffer.  We were worried about those who didn't as we faced one of the coldest nights of the year.  Fortunately, the power came back on around 8:30.

Last Saturday our farm made the front page of the local paper!  We had been interviewed and photographed and thought the article would appear in the "lifestyle" section of the Sunday edition.  Imagine our surprise when we found ourselves on the front page:
Farm Life
I continue with my "nothing new" challenge.  It really hasn't been difficult.  For anyone wanting to make a lifestyle change that includes reducing their environmental impact and promoting social justice, I recommend doing such a challenge.  A key to doing this is to 1) avoid all advertising and 2) avoid going to stores except when necessary (i.e., when you need food from the grocery store).  At the end of the challenge, I think you'll be surprised by how much money you've saved and how little you actually need.

Have a great weekend!

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Shona~ LALA dex press said...

Congratulations of the front page article! And Here! Here! to the sentence "I think you'll be surprised by how much money you've saved and how little you actually need."