Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wellness Wednesday

As one who farms organically and encourages people to eat food that is closest to its natural state and free of chemicals and other additives, I'm encouraged by the growing number of people who are doing just that.  However, it seems many people don't make a connection between their health (and the health of the planet) and the chemicals found in personal care products. 

Conventional personal care products contain a toxic cocktail of chemicals.  When I was younger, I was told that your skin prevented chemicals from being absorbed into your body and bloodstream.  Today we know differently, as demonstrated by the various pharmaceutical patches that people use.  In addition the product of some of the latest technology - nanoparticles can actually penetrate the blood/brain barrier.  In addition, I remember years ago when a friend asked (and answered) and important question:  Why does your lipstick disappear after you apply it?  You're eating it!

This is a hard less for me, too.  While, up until recently, I had eliminated almost all conventional, chemical-laden products from my life, I still clung to two things:  pedicures and hair highlights.  In the past few months I've taken a bold move - I stopped using chemicals on my hair and have been growing out my natural color.  It's bold in this culture because the highlights covered up the fact that some of my hair is now grey.  But I'm embracing this natural process of aging and my new hair color because I'd rather be grey than sick.  I recently stopped using fingernail polish on my toes, as well.  I was a hardcore user - even had painted toes when I was in labor with both of my children!  

I encourage my readers to research their personal care products.  Find out what's in them and what they do to our bodies and to the earth.  (Don't forget that chemicals that go into the soil and water end up in our food - it doesn't just "go away.")   I suggest you begin with the Environmental Working Group's website, especially their Skin Deep Cosmetics Database.

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