Saturday, August 24, 2013

Social Justice Saturday: Animals Count

Last Sunday morning I finally had a chance to watch a video that my friend over at Ecogrrl posted last week:

Even though I knew would be disturbing, this 40-minute documentary had an unusually powerful effect on me.  It made me cry, not just for these beautiful, sensitive, loving, intelligent animals, but for the humans that allow this sort of thing to happen - and especially those who participate in the brutality.  I thought about all the people that I know who pretend this sort of thing doesn't happen or will tell you flat out that they don't want to know because it robs them of their "joy."  Maybe they shouldn't feel joyful when we are complicit in pain that is inflicted on others.  

Animals have feelings just like humans and the cruelty we inflict upon them, especially when it is purely  for entertainment, is criminal to me.  We need to consider how our actions affect the lives of other species and take steps to make amends.

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