Friday, August 30, 2013

Farm Friday

I wasn't able to put up a "Farm Friday" last week because we had the pleasant surprise of having our granddaughter for the weekend, which was her last weekend before school started.

One cool farm event is that this crazy weather gave us an early crop of shiitake mushrooms, enough that we could give some to every member of our CSA and still have plenty left for us.

On another note, one of our hens recently hatched four baby chicks.  We have another one sitting on eggs which should hatch in about a week.  We also bought a batch of 25 chicks.  Some of our hens are getting older and not laying like they once did, so it will be good to have more eggs once the girls mature. 

Here are a few random shots I took with my cell phone while doing our farm chores one evening:

Have a great weekend!

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EcoGrrl said...

i can never get over how funny goats are :)