Friday, March 15, 2013

Farm Friday

Faithful Ginny, waiting to ride in our farm vehicle
We just returned from purchasing some top soil and organic fertilizer to put in our new raised beds.  Since the rain has made the ground too wet to work, Bill is trying to get some things started for spring by growing in raised beds.  In the meantime, the seedlings we started in the house seem to be thriving and we're waiting until the weather permits transplanting.

Our *highlight* of the week was a skunking.  One night, right before turning in, we let out Ginny to do her business before settling down for the night.  I opened the door to let her in and caught a whiff of skunk.  My initial thought was, "Thank goodness Ginny knows to not bother a skunk" - she has been skunked twice before.  I closed the door and noticed that she was drooling and rubbing up against her bed.  Then the smell that hit me was very strange, like she had gotten into some chemicals.  As I was trying to grasp what had happened, Bill came into the room and said something about it stinking and that it smelled like something was burning.  In my confusion, I worried Ginny had gotten into something dangerous so ran out with a flashlight to investigate.  And I found a dead skunk.  In those brief few minutes it took for me to realize what had happened, it was too late.  Actually, it was too late as soon as I opened the door.  Ginny had been skunked - and so had our family room.  *Fortunately* the smell dissipates rather quickly.  Unfortunately for Ginny, she had to spend the night outside, in the dog house, and got a special bath the next day.  I'm hoping this time she has learned her lesson.

Have a great weekend!

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EcoGrrl said...

heh. I remember my girl Daisy got skunked twice during her earlier years in Santa Barbara. The first time, it got her in the back yard and she ran through the house and out the (open) front door and dunked her face in her water bowl, we almost peed ourselves.

Like they say, dogs either learn - or they don't. Thank goodness for the peroxide mix that truly works!