Friday, March 1, 2013

Farm Friday

This week the two bottle fed babies seem to have decided to wean themselves.  After four attempted feedings where they both pretty much rejected the bottle, I think it's time to call it quits.  I still went out to see the goats this morning, sans bottle, but with my camera to try to capture a little bit of goat activity.  Our pastures are pretty slim pickings this time of year so we supplement the goats' diet with some feed and hay.  It gets pretty competitive out there, often with the alpha - or dominant - goats hogging the feed bowls or even entire bales of hay.  I try to get a little extra to the girls lower on the totem pole but sometimes that turns mean with the stronger goats ramming the weaker goats who also try to get a little extra food.  So I try to be stealthy with my treats, although it doesn't always work.  It's funny how the alpha goats don't seem to mind when the babies (not their's) are eating hay or grain; it's only the adults they bully.

Here's my morning in photos:
Grace (on the left) my formerly-bottle-fed baby

Penny checking to see if I have treats

Jolene (mother of Brownie) waiting for Bill to bring some feed

Bianca, out shyest goat - she will eat out of my hand sometimes

Gratuitous photo of Brownie

Some of the gang eating their hay:  Sara (right) is the alpha goat in this pasture; Sharona (upper left) has triplets 
Have a great weekend!

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Teresa Evangeline said...

That "gratuitous photo of Brownie" makes my heart sing. I'm in love from a distance. :)