Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thoughts from a Modern Poet

The American Dream
2 : 7 (Excerpt)
by Alta (Gerrey)*

loving your neighbor is all very fine when you have nice
neighbors.  this is why people choose the town they live in.
we all want nice neighbors.  it's the folks in the next town
who are the bad guys.  you'd be amazed at how citified folks
hate the people in the suburbs.  not the suburbs, the people
in them.  but they want us living next door?  i ask you.

& joan of arc was noisy.  she must have made a lousy neigh-
bor.  & jesus, giving everything away - & ghandi, a walking 
guilt trip.  some people make nicer neighbors than others.
but there you have it.  city planning.

funny how essays on politics, on war & peace, seem to talk
about love.

*Originally published in The Shameless Hussy, Essays and Poetry by Alta by Alta Gerrey

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