Friday, September 28, 2012

Farm Friday

This week I don't have a photo to show, but I wanted to share a little discovery.  One day, while picking up twigs that had fallen from the trees in our front yard, I discovered a small disk, about 3-4 inches across, on the ground that appeared to be made of natural materials.  Upon close inspection, I realized it was woven from the fur of our Great Pyrenees guard dog Joey and hair from our resident horse Rowan.  Apparently, some bird had chosen those materials to begin weaving a nest.  Only the bottom section had been completed before a gust of wind had carried it out of the tree and onto the ground.  I'm sure that bird quietly began a new nest, not giving any thought to the previous attempt.  It's amazing how nature can use the simplest materials to create wondrous things.  

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