Friday, September 7, 2012

Farm Friday

Some scenes from around the farm this past week:

A mushroom growing next to one of the gardens
Turkeys behind our house
Extreme sustainability - using up the last bit of cosmetics
Look what Amazon delivered to my door!
The turkeys seem to have decided our farm is a safe place since we see them on a regular basis now.  Last turkey season, Bill decided to go turkey hunting and chose to do it on the other side of our farm.  While he was gone, I happened to spy in the pasture behind our house a beautiful tom turkey, with all of his feathers in full display.  Bill didn't get a turkey that day...

The photo of the pencil and bottle show how I take sustainability to the extreme.  I used the eco-friendly eyeliner pencil until it could no longer be sharpened.  The bottle of moisturizer had nary a drop left.

And the books in the photo are courtesy of trading in one of my daughter's textbooks on Amazon.  They will take some trade-ins in exchange for a gift card that is valued at much more than her college bookstore would give her in cash.  So I decided to treat myself to some fun yet practical reads.  I'm now trying to fend off an incredible desire to buy a vintage Airstream to renovate and take glamping.

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