Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sustainable Living 22

I haven't done a Sustainable Living post in a while.  Not because I've stopped trying to live sustainably, but because I've been doing some experimenting and have not  yet perfected some of the things I'm trying.  

One of the latest steps I've taken towards sustainable living is to locate makeup that doesn't create plastic and is free of chemicals.  I read a post on My Plastic-free Life about t.w.i.n.k beauty, an Etsy vendor that makes an all natural cake mascara, or "lash paint," that comes in a metal tin.  It reminded me of the mascara that was used by professional makeup artists back in the day.  (My cousin had some - along with some old-fashioned pan-cake makeup.)  So I was ready to give it a try.  Right after I ordered it, I read that blogger Eco Yogini had also ordered some.  I knew I was onto something good!  

So this is what arrived at my house (along with an application brush):

I'm thrilled that I now have a plastic- and chemical-free way of darkening my lashes.  It's not as thick as some of the commercial mascaras (but that's because it's lash paint and not chemical goop) and it took a little time to get used to applying.  But I'm now sold on this alternative to mascara.  One more baby step in the adventure of sustainable living.

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