Monday, April 9, 2012

Farm Monday

Our friend Jen learning to drive the tractor
My new plan to do Farm Friday already got derailed - but for a very good reason.  We learned that Jen, a missionary friend of ours [you can visit her website and blog], was visiting someone within striking distance of our home so we couldn't resist inviting her to come see us, as well.  Fortunately, she was able to come visit us the very next day; unfortunately, the visit was only a little longer than 24 hours.  But we took what we could get.  Jen's minisitry involves teaching people to grow and prepare good, healthy food so we knew she'd love our farm.  She's also an amazing photographer so I'm borrowing some of the photos she took while on our farm to introduce some of the animals on our farm:

Dee Dee

Nellie, our alpha goat

Spot, our friendliest male kid

Jen will be returning to Haiti later this month with plans to begin developing her new agricultural program to teach the people of Ouanminthe how to make their own gardens to help feed their families.  It will be exciting to watch her grow this much-needed project.

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Deanna said...

Great pictures! I'm really looking forward to having chickens again.