Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sustainable Living 13

In carefully analyzing household and personal item purchases with an eye towards sustainability, I realized that there must be a better way than to buy aerosol cans (with plastic lids) of shaving cream for my husband.  Thinking "pioneer" or "Victorian" days, I remembered that once upon a time ago, men used shaving soap.  After doing some research on Etsy I found a store that sells a shaving brush and mug with handmade shaving soap (available in different scents).  They also sell the refills for the mugs.  I liked the idea of the refills plus it's a small business, so this is what I ordered for my husband:  
Men's Shave Set
As we don't buy one another gifts very often, I told him it was a combination Valentine's Day/anniversary gift.

*Postscript:  Today, February 8, I received the shaving kit in the mail.  The mug already had soap in it and there was another bar included with the kit, so two bars, plus a sample of another soap was included.  A very nice touch.

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Deanna said...

David shaves in the shower using shower gel or soap, as do I. I'm not sure if I've ever bought shaving cream.