Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fair Trade

A while back, I posted about child slavery and buying fair trade.  Well, I finally was able to get out of town to purchase some fair trade items.  Here's what I got:

I got some organic, fair trade black tea to brew up some iced tea.  And I realized that it is actually probably cheaper for me to brew up this tea rather than the "cold brew" Lipton's that I had been using since I use very little loose tea for a very large pot plus I'm not paying for the convenience of the processed stuff.  

I was a bit overwhelmed by the coffee selection as not all were fair trade, some were ground, some were beans, and some were those detestable "K-cups" that are a huge waste of resources.  My husband drinks Cuban coffee so the closest I found was an espresso bean that needed to be ground (we don't have a grinder at home).  I felt pretty happy with myself as I had to learn how to use the store's grinder and I ground up a pound of beans to take home.  

I also picked up some organic, fair trade chocolate chips for my daughter and me to make chocolate chip cookies over the school break.  The chocolate bar was just because it looked so good! 

Now that I know the truth behind coffee, tea, and chocolate, I can't go back.  I now need to make planned purchases of these luxury items when I'm out of town; otherwise, I'll run out and have to do without.

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Deanna said...

Those are the chocolate chips I buy.:)