Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturdays and Puttering

Chair on empty beach

Although I don't work outside the home in a paid job, I do love my Saturdays. Weekdays are pretty regimented for me as I have certain days on which I perform certain chores and I have regular meetings and errands that keep me on the go.  Even Sundays are busy as we typically go to church and sometimes have other obligations.

Saturdays, however, are a different matter.  I don't have anything scheduled or any place where I need to be.  I just am.  However, don't think I sit on my laurels.  I get a lot of work done but it's all in my own time and I don't have expectations on what must be done.  I don't fret over time or schedules.  Instead, I take my time on tasks and often tackle those things are are on my To Do list but never seem to get done.  I will work for a while then relax a bit, catching up on blog reading or pleasure reading or just listen to music.  It's such a relaxing, yet productive, time, and I jealously guard that day.  Puttering is good for my soul.

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