Saturday, October 15, 2011

Catch Up

Seems like this fall has taken on a life of its own and have neglected some aspects of my life while making progress in others.  I finished yet another class towards my master's degree - three more to go!  I've also been extremely active in several nonprofit ventures in my community, one of which wrapped up two weeks ago and another which is ramping up on Monday.  Usually, I make quarterly goals but this fall I didn't seem to manage to make any as I never took a chance to sit down to contemplate.  I am continuing my annual goal of reading the entire Bible this year.  It has become such a habit that the few mornings when I'm not able to do it, something seems amiss in my life.  I'm WAY behind on reading my friends' blogs and am hoping, with my one week break between classes, to be able to catch up.  As of today, I have over 700 blog posts to read!
I recently got a nice surprise from my friend Shona of LALA dex press.  A package arrived with two things I love:  a book and a journal.  Shona passed on the book In Praise of Slowness (which I need to take time to savor!) and a beautiful journal she hand made from ledger paper that her office was discarding.  (The photo doesn't do the journal any justice.)  Two of my favorite "R's":  reading and recycling - plus "riting"!  Thank you so much, Shona!


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

That last sentence was venturing into Scooby Doo territory.

I'm working on changing my morning routine + trying to start off every morning meditating. I hope that it becomes a habit that I will feel like something is amiss if I don't do it.

A master's degree? Way to go!

And I'm so happy when I am able to pass along something that someone else finds beneficial, as opposed to my stuff becoming someone else's stuff to have to deal with. Believe it or not, I have 3 shopping bags of items headed out the door for friends. Just when I thought there was nothing left to get rid of...

Enjoy this beautiful weekend!

Cherie said...

Shona, I'm still editing things, as well. Although, with my desire for more simplicity and less materialism, the things I am now eliminating are those that have been in my life (i.e., basement) for a while and I just need to clear out that space. Hopefully, as I don't shop much, future edits will be practically nonexistent.