Monday, May 23, 2011


Out here in the boonies country, we often find unique ways to entertain ourselves.  For instance, on Friday, after my husband and son moved some of the goats from one pasture to the other, we had a bit of drama.  
Now to the untrained eye, this photo might look like the girls were getting together for a bit of socializing and gossiping.  However, what was really going on was an epic goat fight.  Four of our girls, yes four - Maggie, Nellie, Juliette, and Esmeralda, were battling it out to determine who would become alpha female of that particular pasture.  There was much locking of horns and back biting (literally).  A fifth goat, Sara, was waiting in the wings, although we're not sure what her goal was.  Was she rooting for her favorite, was she waiting for her turn, or was she trying to serve as the peacemaker?  

I did notice that the four goats vying for the alpha role all had beards.  Although I don't know why, some of our female goats develop beards.  I'm now wondering if it's a hormonal thing which explains why they have this violent urge to fight for supremacy.  As Sara does not have a beard, I suspect she was trying to play peacemaker.
The battle when on for quite some time.  First it was the four, then two, and then there appeared  be a winner- Maggie.  There was one last challenge to her by Juliette, but at the end of the day, Maggie prevailed.  Maggie, the goat we almost lost to illness last year; Maggie, mother of my sweet little bottle-fed Iris.  

By the way, my son was afraid for that little goat.  Her instinct was to go to her mother, not realizing her mother was in a heated battle and that she might get trampled in her attempt to join her.  Iris was moved out of harms way for most of the fight, but was very happy to rejoin her mother at the end of the day.

Don't I lead an exciting life?


Adrienne said...

I think that is exciting. We spent the weekend trying to keep blue jays from eating our chicken eggs, and watching violet-green swallows go in and out of our birdhouse.
Our neighbors have two goats. We were at their house yesterday walking around their field and one of the goats jumped up on my husband like a dog does - he wanted to be pet. It was so cute!

Cherie said...

Adrienne, I saw the photos of the swallows on your blog - beautiful birds!

Many of our goats are like dogs - they want treats and want to be petted. Since our goats are full-sized, once they're grown, they're too big to jump on us.

Our farm animals do provide us with much entertainment.