Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lenten Vows

For those in the Christian world, tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, which marks the beginning of the Lenten season.  It is a time of prayer, reflection, and anticipation as we look forward to Easter Sunday.    Many Christians observe this season by making a token sacrifice.  Lent lasts forty days, plus six Sundays that are considered feast days, days when we are not held to our sacrifice.  Readers of this blog know that last year I participated in "Not a Cent for Lent," which meant I wouldn't make any unnecessary purchases during Lent. 

This time I've decided to give up wine for Lent.  I've read about Blood: Water Mission's Forty Days of Water Project where they ask people to give up drinking everything except water (tap water, that is) and to donate the savings to help build wells in parts of the world where people don't even have access to clean drinking water.  A very worthy cause.  However, as I had already given it much thought prior to learning about Forty Days of Water, I'm choosing to just give up wine for Lent this year.  Maybe next year I'll be prepared to give up my beloved iced tea.

I'm also going to observe "Not a Cent for Lent" again this year.   Last year's experience was a very enlightening one and I want to relive that journey.  I do find that blogging about my vows helps keep me accountable and also makes it more meaningful.  This year I hope it helps remind me that my sacrifices are actually very small and that there is a world full of people who don't have the luxury of taking Lenten vows.  When each day revolves around just trying to obtain food and water, there is nothing to give up.

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