Monday, October 11, 2010

4th Quarter Goals

I'm a bit tardy with this post as I've been a bit busy these last two weeks, what with school and taking a quick trip to Florida.  Part of my personal habit is to establish personal goals for each quarter, rather than doing the traditional New Year's resolutions.  For the last two quarters, I blogged about my goals and I'm happy to say I was able to achieve them all.  One goal from the second quarter had to wait until the third quarter, but I accomplished it so I feel I was successful.  

This quarter, however, I've decided not to set any particular goals.  What with my starting another class, assisting with a major concert at our church, hosting Thanksgiving at our house this year, and with Christmas and our children's birthdays, I think I have enough on my plate.  Perhaps just successfully finishing my class, pulling off the concert and the Thanksgiving dinner, and enjoying the holidays can be my goals.  In the meantime, thoughts of next quarter's goals will be percolating in the back of my mind.  Nothing too challenging, mind you, as I hate to start a new year by setting myself up for failure.  So for this quarter, I'll just plan on successful living.


La Vie Quotidienne said...


I like your idea of quarter goals; I have thought of it in that way. This one, of living successfully is an excellent goal. It sounds as if you have lots of activities coming up...good luck with them all.(-:

Cherie said...

Adrienne, thank you! It's that time of year, so I'm sure you'll be plenty busy as well.

Fiona said...

Successful living. I like it. Enjoying the rest of the year. Very wise.

Cherie said...

Fiona, I do strive for successful living - although I don't always make it, I think it's the intent that matters.