Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Homemaker Confession

I've been a homemaker for over 20 years.  Some of my daily and weekly tasks I enjoy, others I feel lukewarm about.  The one chore I have decided I really despise is cleaning the bathrooms, especially around the toilet.  There is just no way to clean around the toilet without getting your head down right next to it, that is to thoroughly clean it.  Ew, gross!  So often, I put it off, which only makes matters worse.

Years ago, while in Paris, I noticed some of the public bathrooms, called sanisettes,  were actually self-cleaning.  

After one uses the facilities and the unit is vacated, it cleans itself.  When I visited, there was a fee for the sanisettes; now they're free.  I never did get around to actually using one, so I'm not sure exactly how clean they are, but what a great idea.  I wish I could have one at home.

Photo source:  www.wsj.com


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

I am a stickler for clean surfaces, but the bathroom is a whole other issue. Oh, it gets cleaned, but not without a fight...unlike the kitchen in which you could perform surgery on my counter tops!

self-cleaning bathrooms sound like a revelation. I WANT ONE!

Anne said...

I'd say those Parisian sanisettes are only kinda sorta clean. Better than a public toilet with no system but not a place you would want to spend a second more than necessary.

A friend of mine (who at the time had two teenage boys at home) once said her ideal home would be all white with a giant drain in the middle so she could just hose it down!

Deanna said...

I don't really mind cleaning bathrooms but that's partly because the men in my family are well-trained. Guests? Not always. We hosted a big music festival in May and you'd be stunned by what happened in our guest bathroom. I'd love to have one of those sanisettes next year when we host the annual music fest. I had suggested to my husband that he build a small outdoor bathroom with a drain in the floor.