Saturday, August 14, 2010

Harvesting on the Farm

We're in the midst of an over-abundance of food on the farm.  Although it sometimes becomes overwhelming, it's been good for two reasons:  1) healthier bodies because we are eating mainly fresh vegetables (how can we eat anything else with such a windfall?) and 2) I've been cooking a lot more and even branching out and trying new (and sometimes exotic) recipes.  
Yesterday I roasted a dish of diced eggplants, onions, red peppers, and cherry tomatoes then topped it with an egg fried sunny side up in olive oil.  Turned out very delicious.  For lunch today I had homemade gazpacho and a watermelon, feta, olive salad.  The salad was new to me and I wasn't sure how it would turn out.  I really don't care for watermelon as it's too sweet for me; I'm more of a savory person.  I commented to my hubby that I also feel that watermelon is the most unladylike food ever created, what with all the juice and seeds.  Since hubby planted a number of watermelon plants, I decided to find a way to incorporate it into my diet.
My enthusiasm for new recipes is due to my tiring of the same old recipes,  So I decided to challenge myself by locating and preparing new recipes.  For the most part, the experiment has been successful and I've found some new favorites that I'll make again next year.  What seemed to be a problem last summer (I got SO tired of eating the same things over and over again!), has been a blessing this year.

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Fiona said...

Your meals sound delicious Cherie. Watermelon is my number one favourite summer treat. You're right though, it's not ladylike to eat in a big half-circle. I always cut mine into small chunks and eat with a fork from a bowl. I think I've got quite a lot more sweet-tooth than you.