Monday, August 30, 2010


I recently read a blog post that used the expression "editing" to describe decluttering or purging.  This use of the word really resonated with me on several levels.  First, having been, at various points in my life, especially as a legal assistant and a student, I've spent a lot of time editing documents.  Editing is not purging or throwing everything away, it's a process of perfecting.    Another reason I like this word is because it's a positive word.  To edit something is a good thing, whereas decluttering or purging sounds like you have a serious problem.

Now I'm starting to look at making the best of what I have as an editing process.  And it's something that's on-going, not a one time chore.  To edit your home or office or closet or any area of your life is to examine it, find what's working or isn't working, and make it better.  Editing doesn't have to apply to things you've already acquired or possess.  You can edit your shopping habits or eating habits.  It makes you more thoughtful about your purchases and may prevent you from bringing something into your home or office that you don't really need (and will actually have to purge at a later point).  Editing what you eat means mindful eating, paying attention to the types of foods you buy and put into your body.  By editing your life, you can save yourself from mental and physical problems.  An edited environment means less stress and fewer illnesses.  What's not to like about that.


Wanda Barrett said...



Fiona said...

I love these thoughts Cherie. I like the edit word too, like you say much more positive than purging (yuk!) and decluttering.

I think it was Stephanie who ages ago said about being the editor of your life like Anna Wintour, designing your fabulous life - what to leave in, what to leave behind.

Perhaps that can be our job title - Editor. We are perfecting our lives.

Cherie said...

Wanda, edit my diet? Definitely.

Fiona, I think I will take on Editor as my life title.

Stephanie said...

It is a good way of looking at it in a more positive light. And it can be done in phases too. Sometimes we don't catch it all on the first or even second edit. I know I don't.

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

I use the word purge a lot in my blog posts, but yeah, it makes me think of an eating disorder.

What I'm doing goes beyond de-cluttering because honestly, there was not clutter to begin with.

I have been editing for one year this month + it's still such a wonderful feeling.

Deanna said...

I love this. I actually started my first blog with the title, "Ponderings of a Packrat" and had envisioned sharing my efforts at whittling down our possessions after my youngest had married and our homeschooling days (and the huge quantity of *stuff* that entails) were over.

The blog morphed into something more general but my desire to pare down remains. I definitely like the idea of "editing". Thanks for sharing.