Thursday, April 1, 2010

New Farmers and Farm News

We now have new farmers living on White Flint Farm.  After a grueling four days of travel, our friends arrived from San Antonio on Monday.  They're going to spend the next couple of week acclimating and then pitch in, helping with the gardens and the animals.  They have the most adorable children who are so excited to be *on the farm.*  On Monday, the youngest greeted me by saying, "We're going to live here FOREVER!"  Gotta love that enthusiasm.

On the farm front, I was finally able to release my goat Maggie back into the herd.  It took three rounds of different antibiotics and hand feeding her to get her where she is.  Just over a week ago Maggie was on death's door but this morning she was in the pasture defending her place in the goat hierarchy - she was the *beta* goat (sidekick to the alpha goat) before she got ill.  I'm not sure where she stands now - I'm just glad she's standing.

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