Monday, April 19, 2010


...that's what I've been lately when it comes to my blog.  But I have excuses, really.  

We had a family move to our farm this month so we've been partly busy with that.  Another baby goat was born on the farm, to Juliette, and he's such a cute little guy.  He has extra long ears and a short little face.  I need to remember to get a photo of him.

Our mission trip to Haiti was cancelled (more on that in another post), but I'm still spearheading a fundraising yard sale at our church.  The orphanage we work with had to cancel all mission trips due to safety concerns about some of their buildings, the ones they rent.  They don't want visitors staying in potentially unsafe housing - Haiti continues to have strong aftershocks.  Our team can't go this year but we can still send funds for medical supplies.

But what's most kept me from the blog is grad school.  This particular course I'm taking is a condensed 8 week class and I have to do a major research paper as part - I repeat part - of the class work.  I'm learning quite a bit and I enjoy that, but I'm also counting down the weeks until I'm done and summer is here.  It makes me feel like a kid.  


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