Sunday, January 24, 2010

So Little Time

This past week I haven't been blogging because I've been up to other things.  Like starting grad school.  I put off doing that for a semester because I wasn't certain I was up to all that it requires.  But I kept feeling that tug and last month finally registered for classes.  I'm taking a virtual class and it's a whole new learning environment for me.  Online learning involves discussions via message boards and I'm slowly getting used to that venue.  Another new aspect of this environment is doing research using the university library's portal where I have tons of professional journals literally at my fingertips.  My memory of college research required hoofing it to the library, digging through the stacks, and photocopying from books and journals (and ponying up the money to do it).  I could get used to this kind of research.  In addition to the online library resources, I stumbled upon a new tool offered by Google - Google Scholar, which also provides a way to access professional and academic material.

Although being back in school is a bit stressful right now, I'm enjoying the challenge of it all.  It's the deadlines that I dread.  So, if I'm a bit absent now and then, you know why.

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