Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Little Church that Could

For a few years now, I have often found myself angry with (or embarrasssed by) the "Church."  By Church, I mean all those who profess to be Christians.  As Christians, we're supposed to be the body of Christ as he's not here on earth to do His work.  However, many times the face of that body is represented by people like Pat Robertson.  Whenever I see his name on the news, I cringe at what new and embarrassing statement he's made.  I clearly remember how he said we should "take out" Hugo Chavez.  More recently, he said Islam is not a valid religion; that it's a political system "bent on world domination."  Clearly, at least in my mind anyway, these are not statements that have been approved by Jesus. 

However, there are also those times when I see the Church doing what it's supposed to do. 
This week I got to see the body of Christ as it should be.  I have to brag about the church I attend.  It's not a very large church, nor is it very wealthy.  However, lately I've been amazed by how generous and loving the members are.  For Christmas, our church participated in the Advent Conspiracy.   Church members chose to spend a little less on Christmas gifts and then donated the savings to several worthy causes.   And this week was the most incredible example of Christian behavior.

Here's the story:  Our youth pastor and his wife were expecting a child at the end of this month.  As part of their preparations to bring him home, they had begun desperately needed renovations to their home.  Sadly, their baby was delivered early and did not survive.  Many members of our church realized that in addition to their tragedy, they would be returning home to chaos.  Rather than allow that, people came forward and did an extreme home makeover.  This link is for the detailed story and the accompanying video.

That is what we all should be doing.  Instead of judging and condemning, we should recognize needs and fulfill them as we are able. 


Deanna said...

I love stories like this one. Yes, this is truly the way churches should act out their faith. I'm so sorry about your youth pastor and his wife. That's very sad.

Robbie said...

What a wonderful story - and a great reminder of what we all should be doing!

Cherie said...

Yes, it was very inspiring to see so many church members pool their resources to help the family. Many of those involved did not know one another and now feel a bond. Some feel they got more out of it than they put into it.