Thursday, November 12, 2009


It's been raining all week thanks to the remnants of Ida.  The creeks and rivers in our area are dangerously close to flooding.  We're situated on a high spot so if we're threatened then someone needs to start building an ark.  A week or so ago hubby switched pastures on our two flocks of goats.  Goats hate the rain but our younger flock, which got moved to the barn pasture, has been hanging out in the far corner in an attempt to be near the other goats, leaving a four stall barn empty except for the somewhat brighter horse.  In the meantime, the other goats have been nice and dry in their little run-in shed.  Last night I heard the bleating (is that the right word?) of a goat and thought one had gone into premature labor.  So, I forced myself out into the rain to check.  I found the goats all safe and healthy in two of the stalls.  The bleating must have been due to an "aha" moment on the part of one of the goats - "hey, we're out in the pouring rain when there are several nice and dry stalls waiting for us."  But this morning I found them out in the rain again - silly goats!

The rain has gotten to me, too.  I got into housewife mode to distract myself from thinking warm, dry thoughts of Florida.  One project I've been putting off (mainly because it's not really that important to me) was using a *magic eraser* to remove various marks off the walls downstairs.  I found this to be a scary project.  I mean, what are these erasers made of?  And where do they go (and so quickly)?  I guess that's a good rainy day research project....


Mamasong said...

I guess the beautiful weather was God's little gift to us while we were at White Flint :)

I'm glad to hear the goats finally figured out how to cross to the barn, they are rather silly, but such sweet-natured animals. All your animals are just so healthy and happy, what a pleasure to see. I hope the sun peeks out for you this weekend, take good care :)

Cherie said...

Yes, it's great that the weather was good while you were here. And for the concert! It's nice again this weekend - yay!