Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tis the Season

Just a few more days and summer will be officially over.  It seems everyone is already talking about how the weather has changed.  It's gotten slightly chilly here but at least the sun has been shining.  Well, no more.  Family and friends to the west of us have said it's been raining for several days.  Looks like it's moved in our direction.  Those of us who tend to suffer from S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder) need to prepare ourselves for the upcoming season.  I've accumulated some (I hope) good books to read and am loading my ipod with some fun music and intriguing audio books.  I'll have to force myself to get outside on the days the sun does shine (despite the cold temperature) and make sure to take vitamin D supplements on a daily basis.  I rejoined the gym and am training to run a 5K in November.  Of course, a couple of trips to Florida always seems to be the right cure for S.A.D.!


Mamasong said...

One of the reasons I loved living in Oregon so much were all the gray, drizzly days, I'm sorry it's the opposite for you. I think I'm suffering from sunlight and heat overdose here in San Antonio! Speaking of good books, have you ever read Angry Conversations with God by Susan Isaacs? Jeremy just finished it and I'm halfway through, it's hilariously funny and refreshingly (brutally) honest at the same time. Just thought I'd mention it if you're stocking up on rainy day books :-)

Cherie said...

Wow! I just saw that book at the bookstore and put it on my wish list! Now I'll definitely order it.

Didn't you get all the recent rain in San Antonio? My sister lives in Dallas and has been complaining about it.

Mamasong said...

We did get a bunch of rain last week, but it was a warm, muggy rain that made the air taste like asphalt. At least it greened things up a bit though :-)