Wednesday, June 3, 2009

All in a Day

Now that summer is here, and our home school journey is complete, I'm trying to focus on other tasks. I spent part of yesterday getting our old farmhouse clean and ready for our weekend guests. When we bought the farm from family members a number of years ago, it was our intention to demolish the house as it was uninhabitable and (we thought) beyond repair. A variety of events caused my hubby and me to rethink this plan. Lo and behold, a number of years later and we are using it as a guest house! At one point, we thought about turning it into a green bed and breakfast but have decided against it for a variety of reasons. However, we do make it available to family and friends who want to get away from the demands of city life and just enjoy nature.

Another one of my summer projects is my continuing quest to overcome my struggle in learning French. I studied French in high school and could read and write it fairly well, but just couldn't get the hang of oral comprehension. This past winter I found a French tutor and have been working with her. However, I didn't feel that was enough so I enrolled in an online, 5 credit hour course. (Our local community college doesn't offer French.) Yesterday I had a telephone conference with the professor and she taught me something I had never been taught before: how to make the French "U" sound. I was skeptical about an online class, but since I have a background in French, I felt confident that I wouldn't be overwhelmed. Having spoken to the professor, I now feel excited about the possibility of actually improving on my French skills. The negative is that I can't skip my studies since I have written and oral tests to prepare for!

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Lisa Sharp said...

I wanna stay with you haha.

And go luck on the french. My mom knew some french so while homeschooling she was going to teach it to my brother and I, it didn't last long. We just laughed and made fun of it and I ended up working on sign language and Italian and my brother learned Latin.