Monday, August 3, 2015


Anyone who lives with a cat knows how they like to explore new territory. I had just put this basket on the floor as a reminder to take it to the basement when Fabs discovered it and decided to make it his own:


Deanna said...

There are times I miss having an indoor cat. Then I remember the litterbox. Ha!

David said...

Cherie, cats do have a way to thinking that all within their sight is for their use, don't they. I wonder if they are related to the raccoon family. They think that all the corn I grow is for their enjoyment. Sweet corn is a total loss again this year. My three year fencing project will help when completed. Only three more panels to finish up and the entire garden will be fenced in. I cut back on gardening this year to concentrate on building the fence. Only 1/4 of the garden area was planted and massive weed control took up much time this year. I slacked off last year because of weather that destroyed the garden plants too late in the season to replant and health issues. The result was the land quickly reverted back to the wild. I can't imagine the number of hours that I've spend just on weed control. This year the weeds that were contenders were the mighty bind weed and prairie grass. Prairie grass is a tough robust grass that has roots to China, I think. It gives a new meaning to the phrase "bustin' sod". I have a much greater respect for the pioneers that had to plow through that thick matted grass for the first time. Even when chopped out several times, it just keeps coming back. Even covering it with a layer of carpet will only keep it at bay for a time. It grows right up through the carpet weave. Old carpet and a thick layer of wood chips will keep it down in the path ways. It's a force that's covered the Midwest since time began and has DNA to deal with wet, drought, hot, cold, hail, floods, and any other weather condition and keep on growing. Maybe I should just have prairie grass pathways and keep it mowed but that would be yet another garden chore to do. Ah, the challenges of being a gardener. :-)

Have a great cat loving day.

Cherie said...

Deanna, this guy is an indoor/outdoor cat - I've only had one or the other before. For some reason, he doesn't like the litter box so rarely uses it. I have to keep it around though because sometimes he leaves a little surprise in it.

Cherie said...

David, sorry to hear about your corn. We managed to save ours when Bill realized they were eating it, it was ready to pick. He picked it and I processed it yesterday. Not as much as last year but plenty for the two of us.

Why can't they all be edible weeds? One of the worst things we have growing around here is Carolina horse nettle which can grow from just a small piece of root - plus it has thorns so is hard to pull out without getting stuck.