Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wellness Wednesday

Good and Cheap cookbook
Photo by Leanne Brown
I often hear people complain that it's too expensive to eat healthy.  Well, author Leanne Brown has come up with a cookbook that reveals the lie in that belief.  Her cookbook, Good and Cheap:  A SNAP Cookbook is available as a free download.  In this book, Leanne teaches readers how to eat well on $4 a day ($4 a day is a typical foodstamp budget.)  The photos are beautiful and the recipes sound delicious. My only criticism is that some of the ingredients are a bit exotic and not readily available in many low income areas (her comparison was low income communities in New York).  However, she has some great tips on saving money by breaking out of the our current mindset of what we "need" (i.e., skip prepackaged drinks; eat oatmeal rather than over-priced cereals.)  Looking to make good, cheap meals?  Go here to get it.  

Leanne also has a Kickstarter campaign going to get print copies into the hands of low income families and individuals who do not have the luxury of the internet.

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