Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Power vs. Small Farms

Last week I blogged about how we are not allowed to use the "o" word when describing the methods that we use to farm.  (Hmm, I wonder how I can describe the "o" matter that we put in our compost pile since that is the only thing that will break down into beautiful soil; synthetic material certainly won't - but I digress.)

Here's another instance where a small farmer is persecuted by the authorities in North America.  While the initial raid took place in 2010, this exemplifies how the powers (both corporate and government) work overtime to shut down farmers who are trying to produce clean, healthy food, to raise animals in an ethical humane way, and to preserve our agricultural heritage.  Montana Jones now faces a 12 year prison sentence and over a million dollar fine even though she did nothing wrong.  This photo from the article captures her heartbreaking experience:
Clearly, small farmers are a threat to the safety and security of citizens in North America large corporate interests.

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