Saturday, September 14, 2013

Social Justice Saturday: Drone War

This is a brief post about the horrors of drone war - of course a book could be written on this topic.  Since our some of our politicians seem to think diplomacy and negotiation is a fail and that "no boots on the ground" means everything will be just fine should we strike Syria.  

A couple of years ago Bill and I attended an American Friends Service Committee event called "Windows and Mirrors" in which American artists and Afghan children shared what it was like to live under siege.  It was the children's drawings that were the most powerful - blood and dismemberment as part of their daily lives.  Drones were prominently featured in some of the artwork, showing what "no boots on the ground" actually means.  I found the following video of some of the artwork from this traveling exhibit.  Although the exhibit is no longer traveling, you can see some of the artwork here.

As the warmongers on both sides of the aisle try to convince U.S. citizens that none of "our" people will be hurt and that we're "defending children," keep these images in mind:

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