Saturday, July 7, 2012

Spreading Insecurity One Photo at a Time

The above photos are before and after photos for an Ann Taylor advertisement - before and after Photoshop, that is.  Not only has the model's waist been whittled down quite a bit (her hips and thighs only slightly), the natural wrinkles in the clothing have been dramatically reduced.  The message?  Not only should young women (and older women) feel insecure about their bodies, they should feel bad because even their clothes are flawed.  However, this is probably good for the economy.  After all, photos like the one on the right compel women to:  1) buy diet aids; 2) join gyms and purchase exercise equipment; 3) seek out plastic surgeons; 4) embark on endless shopping quests to get that perfect outfit; and, when all else fails 5) consult a therapist.

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