Thursday, November 3, 2011

How to Be a Barbie

Below is a photo from O Magazine.  It's a picture of Katie Halchishick, a founder of the blog Healthy Is The New Skinny.  The dotted lines on her represent areas of her face and body that would need to be removed in order to look like Barbie.  
Barbie vs reality: via Healthy Is The New Skinny:
“This is Katie Halchishick, one of the founders of the blog Healthy Is The New Skinny. She was photographed for the November issue of O magazine covered in the dotted lines that would be made by a plastic surgeon prior to cosmetic surgery. She’s clutching a Barbie doll and the lines on her nude flesh — the first time O has featured a nude model — indicate what she would have to have cut away in order to have Barbie’s figure.”

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Ma Liberté said...

Barbie is just a doll, she is fashion, dream, play.
She is not the only one to be nice toy!
If you dont like yourself it is your problem, not Barbie, it is only in your head.