Monday, August 22, 2011


While modern technology such as emails and voice mail are extremely convenient, I often think that it also has lead to the degradation of manners.  Lately, I've started thinking about the number of emails and voice mail that I send with personal information, sometimes information I've had to spend time researching, and yet I never receive a response.  I understand that we live in busy times and sometimes it might take a while for someone to get back to you, but never?  Even when one is extremely busy, it seems like a quick response like, "Thanks for the information" or "Thanks for thinking of me" or "Thanks.  I'm tied up right now, but I'll get back with you on it" or even just "Thanks."  A response like that doesn't take but a few seconds beyond actually reading the email.  Voice mails, of course, do take more time to respond to, but often even those can be handled with an email response.  

What really makes me believe it is not busy-ness but simple rudeness is that I often see or hear about the same people on facebook.  I suggest that anyone who doesn't want to respond to emails should refrain from posting and commenting on facebook as it shows others that you don't care about them.  

I make it a habit of responding to all emails I receive that seem to require a response.  And, even though I'm not as busy as others, I do know some extremely busy business people who are prompt with responding to all emails.  As for me, sometimes I don't get back with other as soon as I should, but I do get back to them.  For anyone who hasn't received an expected email from me, I apologize as it was clearly an oversight.


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