Friday, February 5, 2016

Farm Friday

Has it been almost a week? My intention was to get a couple of other posts in this week but I ended up working out of town two days and didn't get a chance to sit down at the computer. I'm still in the process of trying to simplify my life. I've been unsubscribing to most of the emails I receive. And I'm trying to get a good personal time management system set up. For the past few years, I've mainly used a 8 1/2 x 11 spiral-bound notebook for to do lists, shopping lists, menu plans, and an overview for the week, plus a paper calendar. My new job has me using so many electronic tools that I'm trying to find a way to use some for my personal tasks in order reduce the amount of writing I do. In addition to the notebook and paper calendar, I try to do a daily journal entry. Even if it's just a summary of the previous day, plans for the current day, or a random list of thoughts, journaling helps keep me centered. That said, all that writing is time consuming so I need to be more purposeful with my time.

It has been a full week on and off the farm. We're having a few deliveries each week and will be at the farmers' market tomorrow. We've had a run on kids lately and now have 19 on the farm! I haven't had a chance to spend time with them but Bill has been posting pictures of them on Facebook for everyone to oooh and aaaah over.

I tried a new recipe: Blue Cheese and Brussels Sprouts Souffle. I found it in a freebie magazine when I was at a natural food coop in North Carolina. I had everything except the milk and blue cheese so I was able to buy some nice organic dairy products while I was there. Here' a photo after it deflated a bit (it was very pretty straight out of the oven):

I'm working through a huge learning curve with my job - new people, new technology, a new industry, etc. - but I feel that in the long run, it's a great fit for my skills and passions. 

I don't know if he's fascinated or bored by me, but Mr. Fabs decided to spend an entire day sleeping next to my computer while I worked:
Have a great week!


David said...

Cherie, balancing an outside job and still maintaining a homestead is not easy. I worked in the field of technology for 41 years and one thing I learned was that it never stays the same very long. After I retired, I looked back on the whole experience and discovered the learning of new technology was one of the things I enjoyed the most. I hope and pray that your learning of new technology is as enjoyable as mine was.

Is it normal for goats to have two birthing seasons a year? I pray that the little ones are all warm and healthy during this winter birthing time and that none die because of cold Winter weather.

You always make the best looking and sounding vegetarian dishes. I can almost smell the delightful aroma from the picture.

May the Lord bless all the things you do today and in the new life style ahead.

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

I do love making a souffle! We finally made Jacques Pepin's chocolate souffle that Lynn Rossetto Kasper raves about on Splended Table. I am here to rave about it as well, but blue cheese & Brussels sprouts sound a-ma-ZING!

Be well... OM