Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wellness Wednesday

Robin Williams 2011a (2).jpg
Normally I focus on physical health in my Wednesday post. However, this week we lost a light in the world when the comic genius Robin Williams committed suicide, so I thought I'd share a little information on depression and suicide.  

First of all, depression is extremely difficult to recover from. Those who suffer from depression think it will last forever and don't see any hope. Go here to read about how difficult it is to climb out of depression. It may help you understand yourself or someone you care about. Secondly, suicide not selfish. I've heard that comment before because the survivors are left to pick up the pieces.  However, a person who commits suicide is anything but selfish.  Someone who has fallen into the black hole of depression does think of others, hangs in there for a while, then believes that suicide is the best option for everyone. Here's an article about it. Lastly, help is available for those suffering from depression and considering suicide.  Most of the time there are warning signs when someone is contemplating suicide.  The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention has compiled a list of risk factors and warning signs to look for, as well as ways to help.  Most importantly, if you're experiencing depression, seek professional help, and if you have a loved-one who seems depressed, take the signs seriously and be there for them.

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