Friday, May 18, 2012

Farm Friday

Lady Virginia "Ginny"
I'm still trying to get caught up around the house and farm since I returned from Haiti and school ended.  (Not sure if I will ever really catch up.)  So I'm sharing a photo my daughter took of the best farm girl there is, our dog Ginny.  Ginny is my constant companion and is always up for anything, be it picking potato bugs off the potato plants, cutting herbs for our CSA, or just taking a nap.  Yesterday she hunted down and caught (and unfortunately, in my opinion but not my husband's, killed) a small groundhog.  My husband said the groundhog had been eating lettuce in one of our gardens, so he would have eventually eliminated it.  If I go into one of the pastures where she is not allowed (the goats don't like her because I think she looks like a wolf to them), she will patiently wait by the gate for me no matter how long I'm gone.

Ginny is also the smartest dog I've ever known.  At one point, when my daughter was taking her to agility classes, she knew about 50 commands - and this didn't include things like "Ginny, do you want to go for a walk?," which is her favorite question.  Ginny knows which animals belong on the farm and which do not, which explains why she knew to hunt the groundhog but to never hurt the chickens.  She knows she can chase squirrels and crows, as well.  

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...and she's got a great smile :)